Recommendations – SLS

Before you send your design to us, please follow our recommendations.

Wall Thickness – The minimum wall thickness to ensure a successful 3D print varies between 0.6 mm (for PA12) up to 2.0 mm (for carbon filled polyamide).

Escape holes – To save weight (and

Designing for SLS printing sometimes costs) SLS parts are printed hollow. To remove unsintered powder after production escape holes must be included. Escape holes must be a minimum of 3.5 mm diameter.

Hole Size

All holes should be larger than 1.5 mm diameter.

Feature Size

– A minimum size of 0.8 mm is recommended.

Embossed and Engraved Details – To ensure small details are visible the following rules apply:

  • Minimum depth of engraving 1 mm
  • Minimum height of embossing 1 mm


Typical tolerances for SLS parts are ± 0.3 mm or ± 0.2 %, whichever is greater.

Text – To ensure readability of text the following rules, apply:

• Minimum font height of 2 mm (font size 14) suitable for every direction

• Sans serif font is recommended for readability

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