Recommendations – SLA

Follow these recommendations before you send your design to us.

Supported Walls – Walls that are connected to other structures on at least two sides, so they have very little chance of warping. These should be designed at a minimum of 0.4 mm thick.

✔ Overhangs – Pose very little issue with SLA printing, unless the model is being printed without adequate internal and external support structures.

Printing without supports often leads to warping of the print, but if printing without supports is necessary, any unsupported overhangs must be kept less than 1.0 mm in length and at least 19° from level.

Unsupported walls

– Walls that are connected to the rest of the print on less than two sides, and are

at a very high chance for warping or detaching from the print. These walls must be at least 0.6 mm thick and should be designed with filleted bases (where the wall connects to the rest of the print) to reduce stress concentrations along the joint.

Embossed details

(including text)

– Any features on the model that are raised slightly above the surfaces around them. These must be at least 0.1 mm in height above the surface of the print to ensure the details will be visible.

Engraved Details (Including Text)

– Any features which are imprinted or recessed into the model. These details are at risk of fusing with the rest of the model while printing if they are too small, so these details must be at least 0.4 mm wide and
at least 0.4 mm thick (distance from surface of the model to recessed detail).


Holes with a diameter less than 0.5mm in the x, y, and z axes may close off during printing.

Horizontal Bridges

– Bridges between two points on a model can be successfully printed, but the

designer must keep in mind that wider bridges must be kept shorter (less than 21 mm) than thin bridges. Wider bridges have a greater z-axis area of contact increasing the chance of print failure during peeling.


– 0.5 mm clearance between moving parts.
– 0.2 mm clearance for assembly connections.
– 0.1 mm clearance -will give a push or snug fit.

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